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Analysis Solution

90 Day Free Trial UNDER $1.00 per day after free trial No Contract Commitments Completely Eliminate Email Exchanges with Customers Significantly Reduce Phone Calls Khronogistics provides online technology solutions to help you manage your business with ease and time-efficiency.  We ensure the protection of your data and provide your business with the means to be more productive. Meet iKHRON our online appointment scheduling and business tracking system that is available for salons, spas, and tanning salons across the U.S.!  Customers can book appointments real-time online without requiring time-consuming conversations with receptionists or salon managers!  Business managers can view reports that reflect booked and completed appointments as well as sales volumes and trends. Khronogistics can help take your business to the next level! The ikhron online system is available to your salon, spa, or tanning salon for a low monthly cost, no contract required, and you can choose to discontinue its use at any time without penalty.   Click here for more information on how to begin a free 90 day trial of ikhron today!
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