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Now you can manage your business scheduling needs using our state of the art intelligent web-based software. Automated self- adjusting time slots availability is now a reality. iKHRON is an intelligent web-based scheduling software package that manages your customer schedules. It manages your employee schedules and availablity. Available time-slots are adjusted automatically has appointments are booked in real time.Your customers always only see available time slots. iKhron significantly reduces your need to waste valuable time on the phone or engaging in email exchanges with customers to find available time lots.

Eliminate wasteful phone call or email exchanges with


So many facilities waste precious time on the phone or with email exchanges attempting to find available times to serve their customers. The process of answering calls or shifting through countless emails has been an undenyable reality for years. Each call or email pulls an employee away from critical tasks wasting countless dollars and resouces. Khronogistics’ iKhron web-based software allow customer to see only available timeslots for the specific service they wish to receive 24 hours a day.

True Web-based Customer Bookings ( Not Email appointment

requests )

Many software applications or generic websites claim to offer online appointment scheduling. Yet what they truly represent are cumbersome email requests that result in several back and forth exchanges before an appropriate time can be agreed upon. iKhron intelligent self adusting timeslots show only timeslots that are available based on existing booked appointments and employee schedules. The only requirement is to simply maintain your employee work schedules.
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